Get Involved

What You Can Do

  • Learn about the honeybee. There are many great websites focusing on bees because the honeybee is big news these days and needs our attention.
  • Find out about local programs at nearby nature centers or libraries. If there aren’t any available programs, ask about the possibility of such programs.
  • Does your school teach the importance of the honeybee? If not, teachers will listen if you request a honeybee lesson.
  • If you are at a garden center or place that sells plants, ask them what pollinator plants they carry? Many garden centers only focus on popular plants that aren’t for pollinators. We could all help the honeybee and other pollinators by making everyone aware of the need.
  • Plant pollinator flowers or trees that are right for your area.
  • Encourage your parents and neighbors not to use pesticides and weed killers.
  • Buy and eat local honey, not supermarket honey. Support your local beekeepers.
  • Know what you’re doing is very important. The magical honeybee tribe thanks you for your love.

Get involved

We are a small company called Earthwise, consisting of 2 grandmothers and 5 kids.

Our intention is to help teach kids the importance of the miraculous honeybee.