Serving Her Majesty the Queen Bee!

Yes, we do love our honeybees. When kids learn about honeybees they love them too. That’s why 5 kids and 2 grandmothers created the We Love Honeybees DVD. From the WLB-TV or WE-Love-Bee-TV newsroom, our anchors invite viewers inside the world of honeybees. Learn the importance of the honeybee family and their daily jobs. Travel to the ancient pyramids of Egypt to finally uncover a secret message from a 4000 year old Princess. Tour our modern day hive with Warren, a third-generation beekeeper. Take our entertaining quiz and watch the WLB-TV anchors’ funniest bloopers.

Fun and fact filled, We Love Honeybees, offers kids a ‘sweet’ relationship with the magical honeybee. It is our wish that you too, will get to know the honeybees with your mind and heart.
See an episode on www.youtube.com/user/beetube6

Honeybees: The True Super Heroes

Honeybees are the heart of Earth’s eco-system. They are in charge of the really important stuff. Honeybees pollinate over 100 fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs which amounts to 30-70% of our food.

The purpose of this website is to teach about the miraculous honeybee and inspire kids to take action
and help fill the world with honeybees and flowers once more.

We want to hear happy honeybee stories from other kids and beekeepers and create a Bee Team network.

It is our hope that you will learn to love honeybees as much as we do!

Honeybee Magic

For many thousands of years, people felt that honeybees were magical. We think so too. Honey has been found in Egyptian tombs thousands of years old – and it was still good to eat!

What’s your secret, honeybees?

Join the Bee Team

Not everyone can save a whale or an elephant. But every single person, whether 6 or 96, can help the honeybee.

Learn what we can do together to save the honeybees.

To help kids understand the miraculous honeybee, our Bee Team created a DVD: WLB TV We Love Honeybees. See for yourself. Click here to get ordering information!